Choose a Service Type

Truck Transfer offers four service types to meet your company’s needs.
Express Service

The express service option is suitable for companies that need the fastest transfer possible. Our drivers are available for pickup and delivery within hours, especially for metro-area deliveries. Those in urgent need of transfer service can opt for overnight pickup and delivery, and our drivers will operate at the fastest possible speed while securing your vehicle and meeting the safety standards for transfer service.

Regular Service

The regular service option allows companies to call in transfer orders for vehicle pickups in the next few days. This is a strong option for companies that have vehicles in use in multiple locations and cannot schedule transfers ahead of time but also do not need expedited service.

Express Service

Our overnight service allows our clients to have their vehicles available as quickly as possible. Our company places a high value on safety and compliance, and when placing overnight delivery orders, companies need to choose transfer partners that meet the demands of local regulations. When companies need their vehicles as quickly as possible, they may require around-the-clock service to facilitate their operations. We understand the needs of companies that require expedited transport of their vehicles, and using local overnight delivery, companies can make their vehicles available as fast as possible.

Regular Service

Scheduled service option, Customers that have a definite schedule for transfer, such as for pickup of newly manufactured vehicles or transportation of construction vehicles that will be needed at a certain site by a particular date, can opt for scheduled service. Scheduled service allows our company to plan and provide the best service for your budget. We are committed to providing customers with service that meets their needs, and our specialists can work with you to figure out which service plan makes the most sense for your circumstances and budget.