Why UsSafety and Compliance

Vehicle transport services should come with a guarantee of safety and compliance with all governing regulations. With each level of service, Truck Transfer emphasizes security for drivers and vehicles, along with full compliance with state and provincial laws.

Observance of all governing regulations carries a long checklist for both the vehicle and the driver. Each trucking company must comply with several national and international agreements regarding shipment and fuel usage, such as the International Fuel Tax Agreement and the International Registration Plan. In addition, drivers must undergo continual inspections of their equipment and their driving practices. Pre-employment qualification checks and drug testing are mandatory prior to the start of work, and drivers also must undergo ongoing random drug tests. In addition, vehicles are to be inspected regularly (before and after delivery), and driver activity logs are also examined periodically.

  • The Canadian and American governments have independently and jointly created a set of governing laws to ensure the safety of truck drivers and other motorists on the roads. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently modified its requirements for the establishment of trucking enterprises to include a more rigorous initial inspection period. Companies must undergo 18 months of ongoing roadside checks, including driver and vehicle safety checks, and only after the successful completion of this process can companies earn full registration from the Department of Transportation.
  • In Canada, National Safety Code requirements hold companies and drivers to a high standard of safety, as well. Similar to the American system, Provincial Ministries of Transportation require regular compliance checks, and violations result in the accrual of demerit points for the carrier company. As points build up, safety checks become more rigorous.

Truck Transfer can help your company ship and retrieve vehicles without having to jump through any regulatory hoops. Our specialists comply with each regulation, from obeying driver hour limit laws to maintaining safe transfer vehicles at all times. Along with the quality of service and lows prices offered by Truck Transfer, customers can be comfortable knowing their vehicles are being transferred in full compliance with governing rules.