Why UsWhy Us?

Tap into our experienced team of supply chain professionals. Our team can offer you:

Operate With Efficiency By Choosing Truck Transfer

Over the past three years, Truck Transfer has provided top-quality service for clients in need of trucking assistance. The benefits of utilizing our services are clear. Vehicle transportation is a vital part of many companies’ operations, and many businesses that use an internal staff of drivers or local transfer companies are operating at suboptimal rates. Organizing drivers for delivery adds a complex component to any business’s model, and many businesses wind up paying too much money to have too little done.

We’re In The Vehicle Transfer Outsourcing Business

Outsourcing vehicle transfer work to us guarantees a higher level of efficiency. Companies can then focus on the logistics of their business, rather than having to focus resources on the transportation of trucks and other vehicles. Truck Transfer works with dedicated drivers who follow provincial and state regulations while getting your company’s vehicles to their destination on time.

We Offer a Diverse Range of Services

We surpass the competition by offering a diverse range of services to our clients. Our company can provide service between cities or ports, across provincial and state lines, and even across the Canadian-American border. Having recognized the flaws in a system of smaller transfer service providers, Truck Transfer offers a large-scale, unified network of drivers, guaranteeing safe, effective transfer services for the companies that need them.

Our Commitment to Customer Support

At Truck Transfer, we put great emphasis on quality customer service. As we have expanded our service, we have focused on improving our service to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in providing the best heavy vehicle transfer service possible for Canadian and American companies of all types, and we seek to answer any questions and concerns that our customers have in the process of doing business with us. Customers are encouraged to contact our service departments with problems or suggestions, or for information regarding past or future orders. In providing the best transfer service, we make sure we support our customers throughout the transfer process.