Shipment Checklist

When completing an international shipment, shipping a truck to international destinations or importing a vehicle into Canada, we recommend that you review the list below before ordering shipment.

Check the required forms for completeness and consistency

Discrepancies in paperwork can result in customs delays, so be sure you have filled out each form accurately and consistently. Most international shipments require signed preform invoices, bills of sale, and primary shipping documents, in addition to commercial invoices for some shipments.

Check the content descriptions for accuracy and legibility

Each commodity must be clearly listed, with detailed and accurate descriptions of each vehicle, including information on its construction and its uses. The vehicle descriptions should be specific and consistent on the air waybill, the commercial invoice, and other required documents.

Check the accuracy of the declared value of your vehicles

This value is used to determine applicable duties and taxes, so be sure that your figures are accurate in order to comply with customs regulations.

Secure the appropriate insurance for your vehicles

Our insurance policy can easily be underwritten with several forms of insurance, so be sure that your policy provides appropriate levels of coverage for your assets.

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