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Referral Program

Customer Referral Program (TruckBuck$)

Referring new customers to Truck Transfer allows companies to earn credits for future services in the form of TruckBuck$. Our company has relied on word of mouth to expand tremendously in our first few years of operations, as numerous companies have recommended our name to business partners or other companies. Now, we are giving back to the companies that recommend our service by offering discounted annual service, accessorial charges, and other services. Customers can use TruckBuck$ for their next transaction, or they can save up credits for future use.

How It Works

1. Recommend our company to other firms operating heavy vehicles, and advise them to mention your referral when they start working with Truck Transfer. Your company can also mention the referral directly.

2. If the company becomes a new Truck Transfer client, your business will earn $50 in TruckBuck$, which can be used in three ways:

    • Apply it toward your annual service invoice.
    • Apply it toward accessorial charges.
    • Apply it toward a Fleet Alert Program.
      (You can view these services at www.tscfleetalert.com)

Please call 1.888.789.8782 or email info@trucktransfer.com for more information.

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