Pick Up or Drop Off and Fuelling

At Pickup

At pickup, we will verify that your vehicle meets the requirements of transfer. This includes checking that the vehicle is in operable condition (such as having working tail lights and appropriate mud flaps and tires) and has the proper safety equipment (such as a working fire extinguisher and triangles or lights for roadside safety).

In addition, the vehicle is required to have the proper paperwork for transfer, a particularly important step in the international shipment process.

Our driver will prepare the truck for saddle or boom transfer, attaching the vehicle in the appropriate manner to the transfer truck. During transfer, customers can contact one of our customer service lines to track the shipment.

At Dropoff

At dropoff, the driver will return the vehicle to its original condition. Our drivers carry the proper materials for decking and undecking the vehicle, and the truck will be returned to operating condition upon delivery to the final destination.

Upon dropoff, Truck Transfer will furnish all of the appropriate fuel receipts in order to provide customers with documentation of additional costs, for which Truck Transfer must be reimbursed, as per the contract agreement. Customers will be invoiced according to the type of service they scheduled.

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