Market Segments

In expanding and improving our service, we seek to meet the needs of all types of companies requiring assistance and support in the transport of trucks and other heavy vehicles. After establishing our roots in the South Central Ontario market, we are working to become a prime vehicle transfer service provider across Canada and in the United States. With comprehensive transfer service and support, Truck Transfer can provide increased efficiency and productivity for companies in a variety of fields. Truck rental and leasing companies can decrease expenses by working with us on vehicle transfer between company locations or from the manufacturer to the sales site. Waste management and construction companies, in addition to other types of businesses that depend on access to heavy vehicles, can also benefit from partnering with Truck Transfer.

Efficient, High-Quality Service

Our company values efficient, high-quality service above all else. Companies operating with heavy vehicles frequently require the transfer of equipment between locations or from the manufacturer to the site of operations. In handling these demands, however, many companies operate at suboptimal levels, losing profit as a result of lack of specialization, wasted driver hours, unnecessary fuel costs, and decreased customer service. In providing dedicated vehicle transfer services, Truck Transfer allows companies to maximize their production potential and gain easy access to their major assets in multiple locations.

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