How to ship a truck

Vehicle Pickup

In transferring the vehicle, our drivers pick up the vehicle at the appropriate location and make the proper modifications to the vehicle in order to make it safe for transfer. Different types of vehicles require different modifications, so drivers work according to standard practices to allow for safe transfer of the vehicle. We use a few methods for transporting trucks and other vehicles. For class 7 and 8 trucks, our company uses saddles or booms to stack the trucks that we transport.

The Saddle Method

The saddle method allows us to transport up to four trucks at a time, and our drivers ensure that transportation meets all best practices for truck decking. The saddle method involves modifying the truck to make it suitable for decking, rigging it to the pull truck, removing rear axle shafts, and attaching lights to the back of the truck to allow for appropriate signaling.

The Boom Method

Using the boom method, trucks are rigged back-to-back with high-strength booms. Drivers may also use a combination of saddle and boom techniques to transport multiple vehicles.

Destination Reached

When the vehicle reaches its destination, the driver returns the vehicle to its original condition. Drivers deliver the vehicle to the desired location and carry the appropriate equipment to undo the decking modifications. After the truck is secured with the customer, our driver calls in for a return load.

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