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Truck Transfer is an emerging leader in the heavy vehicle transfer market.

Companies working with heavy vehicles frequently require transfer support, such as transportation from the manufacturer to a site of operation or between different sites operated by the same company. However, organizing these transfers can result in suboptimal productivity, as companies that do not specialize in the transporting heavy vehicles frequently use excessive resources in doing so, through wasted driver hours, overhead costs associated with transfer work, and other sources of waste.

Truck Transfer provides full transfer service for companies of all types. We understand the needs of customers utilizing heavy vehicles, and we know the importance of having these assets available when companies need them. Our company offers flexible service options, allowing companies to access their vehicles according to their schedule and budget. We can streamline the transfer process and allow your company to focus on its own business rather than wasting resources on moving vehicles.

2. What types of companies can utilize TRUCK TRANSFER’s services?

Truck Transfer supports numerous types of companies with heavy vehicle transfer. We can transport all sorts of heavy vehicles, from class 7 and 8 trucks to emergency and construction vehicles.

Companies across Canada and in the United States can utilize Truck Transfer’s services. We provide international and port service, along with metropolitan and inter-provincial transportation. Any company needing the transportation of vehicles (from single trucks to fleets of vehicles) can benefit from the streamlined service Truck Transfer can provide. We move vehicles from the manufacturer to the company’s location, and we can move vehicles between companies’ various locations.

3. How does the vehicle transfer process work?

Truck Transfer employs a team of highly skilled drivers and regional operators to make the transfer process seamless and efficient.

First, clients choose the appropriate service option for their circumstances. Companies can opt for standard service, express or overnight service, or pre-scheduled service. Truck Transfer can work with clients to choose the most sensible option for their situation.

Our team will also help you make sure your vehicle is fully prepared for transfer. Especially for international transportation, the proper paperwork is vital for full compliance with regional regulations. Check out the Shipment Checklist available on our site prior to ordering service.

When the transfer is in order, Truck Transfer will move your vehicle as quickly as possible while using safe, compliant, responsible practices. You can learn more about the entire process by clicking through the Solution Guide section of our website. Truck Transfer decks vehicles using saddle and boom techniques, with the possibility of moving several vehicles at once. Our drivers specialize in heavy vehicle transfer, and Truck Transfer guarantees high-quality, dependable service. Upon delivery, our driver will return your vehicle to its original condition, making it available for your company to use.

Companies are responsible for covering all of the costs associated with transfer, so it is important for you to become familiar with our terms of service prior to ordering transportation for your company’s vehicles.

4. How can I contact Truck Transfer to place orders or with questions or concerns?

You can reach Truck Transfer in a number of ways, according to your location, your type of inquiry, and your preferred form of communication.

Individuals with questions, concerns, or requests should contact our Customer line, the Service Centre, the Orange Reward Centre, or the Customer Care line. You can reach each of these operators by calling 1-888-789-8782.

In addition, you can reach our service representatives by emailing us at

For full information regarding contacting our company, please click the “Contact Us” page on the menu above.

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