Cost Analysis

We offer a high-quality service that provides our customers with a variety of tangible benefits.

Risk Management

In the transportation of important vehicles, companies take on significant risk of traffic accidents and damage to important company assets. With dedicated transfer service, Truck Transfer’s drivers provide a high level of service so that companies can decrease risk. Truck Transfer’s specialization allows for decreased exposure to various sources of risk, including distance driven, poor road conditions, nighttime driving, traffic volume, and inclement weather.

Insurance Protection

While proper insurance is vital when handling significant assets like trucks and other heavy vehicles, securing appropriate commercial vehicle insurance underwriting by insurance companies can be a difficult process. Truck Transfer has organized its insurance policy to easily be underwritten with numerous types of insurance.

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Cost Savings

While in-house management of heavy vehicle transfer frequently results in less-than-optimal productivity. Working with our service allows you to eliminate overhead associated with managing drivers for transfer services, including salary, driver organization, and geographic flexibility.

Increased Productivity – Efficiency Savings

Truck Transfer allows you to focus on the details of your business that truly matter. Our specialty is making company assets available across multiple locations. That leaves your company to focus on the aspects of business that allow you to succeed.

Improved Customer Service

In handling client’s vehicle transfer work, we offer comprehensive service throughout the transportation process, allowing customers to be confident that their assets will be available when they need them.

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