Value Added Services

Truck Transfer offers a number of additional services that guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. Our company focuses on providing high-quality, efficient service while surpassing the demands of Canadian and American trucking regulations. We can assist with obtaining all of the proper licenses and permits, in addition to providing driving schedules that meet local regulations. In handling your company’s transfer logistics, Truck Transfer can reduce personnel and fuel expenses that result from sub-optimal scheduling, including for after-hours service. Clients are guaranteed lower waiting times for drivers, leading to decreased costs of shipment. Through specialized, focused service, we make the entire transfer process much more efficient for Canadian and American companies.

Some of the Value Added Services that we offer are:


Truck Transfer offers various fueling and top-up services to its customers. We can add fuel to any vehicle we transfer.

Dedicated Services

We have the ability to provide dedicated driver manpower for temporary periods for virtually any type of job.

Brokerage Services

Moving goods across the border can lead to some frustrating paperwork. For cross-border moves, we take care of all the required customs and border clearances in order to move your vehicle across the border stress free.

Over Size Permits

Oversize vehicles require special permits, as well as routes for a successful transfer. We take care of all the required permits, to make your vehicle move painless.

Waiting Time

Our Waiting Time service applies to those cases where a truck can’t be moved immediately after one of drivers arrive.

Trailer Delivery

We move trucks, but can move truck trailers as well. If you’re moving a trailer into storage, taking delivery, or moving it back into operation, our Trailer Delivery service is a perfect complement to our Truck Transfer process.

After Hours Service

We are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Parts Delivery

If y0ur trucks require small replacement parts, such as air filters, hoses or other parts, we can arrange delivery so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of sourcing parts.

License Plate

For brand new trucks all of our drivers are equipped with dealer plates, so that the vehicle being moved has all the necessary license plates in place.


Our insurance services will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle transfer is covered by our insurance program.

EnRoute Stop

Sometimes moving a vehicle is not as simple as moving it from point A to point B, and requires additional stoppage in points between. Our EnRoute Stop service allows the transfer process to …

Slow Moving Vehicles

Not all vehicles we transfer can maintain highway speeds, and these slow moving vehicles require careful route planning. Some examples of slow moving vehicles are shunt trucks, dedicated municipal trucks and various other specialized equipment.

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